Welcome to Healthchek Wellness Services!

At Healthchek, our goal is to bring convenient, quality, professional service at an affordable price while promoting pro-active wellness. We strongly believe that early detection and prevention are the keys to longevity and quality of life. Our preventative wellness services have helped identify serious life threatening diseases in thousands of individuals, possibly saving their lives.

Mission Statement:

Offer affordable services that go beyond the expectations of our customers. Develop and maintain the trust of those we work for and with. Build a positive relationship with every customer, business owner or client that we encounter. Deliver superior service while adhering to the highest ethical standards.

Our Motto

”Your health is your greatest treasure, invest in it and you will collect rewards.”

— Dawn Kasprzak, Co-Founder Healthchek

Why Choose Healthchek?

Fact 1 – Healthchek does not require a doctor’s order for any testing we offer.

Fact 2 – The Healthchek Profile 1 provides an overall general health status. These are the same tests many doctors order annually.

Fact 3 – Our friendly technicians are highly skilled and offer a pain-free encounter.

Fact 4 –  Healthchek offers the most affordable wellness services around.